best fashion magazines in the world

Best Fashion Magazines in the World

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Fashion is your hobby, you are always looking for the top fashion magazines.  Pastime for many is lounging on the couch with a good fashion magazine. Plus, no digital application can match the satisfaction of flipping through the smooth pages of your favourite magazine. In this article, we are going to give you the best fashion magazines in the world.

best fashion magazines in the world
best fashion magazines in the world



This is arguably the most famous fashion magazine in the world, topping all charts. Vogue started out as a weekly newspaper in 1892 and then gradually transformed into a fashion magazine. With 11 million subscribers in 23 countries, it continues to define the fashion world and its trends.


Moreover, Elle is a French women’s fashion magazine It means “her” or “your” in French. A few years after its release, the campaign unveiled her slogan: “If She Reads, She Reads Elle”. Originating in the United States and now published in 44 countries, Elle focuses on vogue and everything exciting for women.

Harper’s Bazaar

Founded in 1862, Harper’s Bazaar was America’s first fashion magazine with sophisticated, informative and thought-provoking content aimed at the upper middle class. From the latest trends and runway shows to the latest in casual and couture fashion, our editorials cover exciting content.


Commonly known as “Cosmo”, Cosmopolitan stays true to its name by posting female-centric content everywhere. With 64 international editions in 35 countries and 110 languages, Cosmo is, truly global. It began as an own Circle of Relatives mag in 1886 and slowly advanced into a lifestyle mag within the 1960s.

Helen Gurley took over the magazine in 1965, revamping it to feature groundbreaking content on fashion, sex, relationships, feminism, and everything else considered taboo.

“Fun Fearless Feminism” became the theme of the magazine. The brand spread like wildfire and flew off the stands like no other – and it continues to do so.

Business of Fashion


From students, editors and stylists to those who truly believe in style, it’s the new kid on the block that has garnered a ton of subscriptions and loyalty in a short period of time.


Known for delving into content that most magazines normally avoid. This is why it became so popular, and why controversial columns and features have declined.


Furthermore, Instyle is a window not only for women but also for anyone interested in lifestyle and vogue. This is one of his few known editorials in hard copy and on his blog. InStyle is based in 16 countries and sells internationally.


Allure is an American magazine and brand focused primarily on women’s beauty, health and wellness.

With an average online audience of over 8 million, Allure has earned the trust of consumers since its inception.


Its purpose is to create content and raise the bar to meet the needs of intelligent, intelligent and intelligent women. Covering topics as diverse as fashion and lifestyle it has become one of the most influential publications since its inception.


In addition, Grazia, the leading authority on Italian fashion and lifestyle, published its first issue in 1938. Unlike most magazines, Grazia uniquely combines lifestyle and art with current affairs, news and business. Its unique approach has won it a dynamic readership both in the digital community and in its offline community. With 20 editions across five continents, he has a total readership of 35 million. Grazia continues to bring unexplored themes and unlock stories like no other.

In conclusion, these are the best fashion magazines in the world.